How to Customize My Own Nike Low Dunks

Published: 03rd March 2010
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Executive summary about Custom Nike by Maria Wakem

The original Nike Dunk shoe was inspired by previous Nike designs like the infamous Air Jordan. Here are tips on how to customize your own Nike Dunk Low.
1. Go to Customized Nike shoes can only be designed and ordered online through the Nike website.
2. Select a low dunk. The signature Nike Dunk iD Shoe comes in a low- or high-top design, the former of which is often referred to as the "Nike Low Dunk".
3. Preview and purchase your customized Nike sneaker.

A pair of customized Nike Dunk Low shoes makes an ideal gift. If you are feeling creatively challenged, consider shoes customized by other designers. Nike Dunk Lows are not the only Nike shoe style you can customize.

Nike shoes now offer some great designs in their dunk collection
Executive summary about Custom Nike by Carrie Bradford

One of the must-have nike shoes is the Nike Dunk SB Low Custom Pigeon. This is no ordinary nike shoe but a proud member of the 'Low' dunks family. Some of the other members in the 'Low' dunks include the Nike Dunk SB Low 720 Degrees, Nike Dunk SB Premium Low, and the Nike Dunk SB EMB 181 Brazil among many others. The Nike Dunk SB Low Custom Pigeon is quite similar to any of the other low dunk nike shoes yet it is different from the rest.

One of the salient features of this low dunk nike shoes is that it is definitely the lowest Nike Dunk product. In contrast to the orange color of the sole, nike shoes in the custom pigeon series have the upper body in grey color while there are at least 2 more colors that you can identify on various parts of shoe.

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